Entel HX481

Entel HX481


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The HX481 operates in VHF High band (400-470MHz). This powerful pocket size performer has exceptionally loud receive audio that would put radios twice its size to shame. With it's feature rich systems capabilities the HX481 is both future proof and can be tailored to work in today’s most demanding applications. If you don’t need some of these advanced features they can be simply disabled during programming ensuring ease of use. The HX481 is built to MIL-STD810 (rugged construction), IP55 rated (rain proof) and supplied with a two-year warranty and an ultra high capacity lithium-ion battery.


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Available models: HX421 (VHF) and HX481 (UHF)

Product features

Pocket Sized & Light Weight Half the size of most of its competition the HX481 Series is one of the smallest radios in Europe. Weighing just 274g the HX481 is small enough to slip into any pocket with ease.
Powerful The HX481 delivers a full 4 watts of RF - the maximum power available on the licensed band. This versatile model allows you to use different power levels per channel, to a minimum of 1 watt for those users requiring less range, and extended battery duration.
Robust Construction Designed to offer tough and enduring performance as would be expected from a commercial grade radio. The HX481 exceeds MIL-STD810C,D,E standards for shock, temprature and vibration. The HX481 is also rated to IP55 for water ingress (safe from low pressure water jets from all directions) i.e. rain proof, ensuring years of trouble free use.
High Audio Output No more wasted time due to misunderstood or unintelligible calls; the HX481 delivers exceptionally loud audio comparable to radio's twice its size, ensuring clear and intelligible transmission each and every time.
Programmable Buttons For your convenience all buttons are programmable to provide instant access to any of the advanced features offered by HX481. This makes operation simple, logical, and intuitive, with clear LCD screen graphics to indicate the selected operating mode.
Simple Mode All advanced features and buttons can be individually programmed on or off. Turning unwanted features off will suit those users who wish to operate the radio in simple conventional mode.
VOX (Voice Operated Transmit) Allows hands free operation when used with a VOX accessory. This feature also incorporates auto VOX sensing which conveniently detects ambient noise level and automatically sets the optimum VOX threshold.
Intelligent Radio The HX481 offers the most advanced system features available in today's market. Whether you utilise these features for security, operational performance, or personal safety - the end result will positively benefit your organisation. Over 30 advanced features are available to be set up and tailored to your exact needs by your authorised Entel dealer.
  • 2/5 tone selcall
  • Emergency button
  • Man Down alarm
  • Lone Worker protection
  • Contact list
  • Status Call
  • Whose Calling
  • Missed Call list
  • DTMF
  • Multiple receive ID's
  • Scan & Priority Scan
  • Stun & Un-stun feature
  • Password Access
Built In Voice Scrambler Enabled at the press of a button this feature ensures privacy between you and other HX481 users in your radio system. Your radio calls will be loud, crisp and clear whilst potential eavesdroppers monitoring the same channel will hear unintelligible garble.
Lithium-Ion Battery Technology The HX481 uses the latest battery technology.

What's in the box?

  • Radio
  • L-ion battery
  • Aerial
  • Belt clip
  • Users guide

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